Charles E. McBride, M.D. 

Colonoscopy Osmo Prep

Please bring a picture ID to your procedure!

1.  Go to your local pharmacy to till your Osmo Prep Prescription.    It is sold as a prescription, and is not sold over the counter.

You will receive IV sedation for your procedure, so it is necessary to arrange for a responsible adult to transport you home.  The Surgery Center will not release you to a non-medical transportation service such as a bus or taxi.  You can anticipate being at the Surgery Center for approximately 3 hours.  

Aspirin:  Stop taking aspirin 7 days before your procedure, unless directed otherwise.  Try to avoid aspirin, Advil,motrin, or other arthritis medications for 1 week prior to your procedure. If this is not feasible, try to stop for a minimum of 3 days.  Tylenol is permitted.
Coumadin/Plavix:   Stop coumadin/plavix for 3 days prior to your procedure unless otherwise directed.  
Blood pressure Medicine:  Continue blood pressure medications, including the day of your procedure.  You may take it with a small sip of water.  
Diabetes Medications:  All oral medications (ie. pills to control your diabetes) should be taken on the day before the procedure, but do not take on the day of your procedure.  

3 Days before your exam:  
Do not et beans, collard greens, corn, dried fruit, kale, nuts, popcorn, raisins, seeds, or spinich.  You may eat canned f ruit, or fruits without a peel.  Please avoid fiber supplements and iron preparations as well during this time.  

Day before your Exam:  
Clear liquid diet only.  No solid foods.  Do not drink or eat anything colored red or purple.  The reason for this is that it gives a "red" or "purple" hue to the exam, and can look as it you have inflammation or an infection in your colon.    Clear liquids may include water, coffee, carbonated beverages, (ie. coke,diet coke, ginger ale, 7-up, sprite, etc.), Jell-O gelatin without food particules, ices, popsicles, clear fruit juices, broth, bouillon, Gatorade, Powerade.  Try to avoid any red colors, as this may make your exam look more red/inflammed than is actually the case.  You may have milk / vanilla milkshakes on the day before your procedure.   No yogurt is recommended. 

Night before Exam:

At approximately 5:00 P.M. begin the Osmo prep.  Take 4 Osmoprep tablets every 15 minutes with at least 8 ounces of any clear liquid until all 20 tablets have been consumed.  Remain close to toilet facilities.  

Starting at 9:00 P.M., take 4 Osmoprep tablets every 15 minutes with at least 8  ounces of any clear liquid until the remaining 12 tablets have been consumed.  
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