Charles E. McBride, M.D. 

Colonoscopy Suprep


Go to your local pharmacy and fill your SuPrep Prescription


You will receive IV sedation for this procedure, so it will be necessary to arrange for a responsible adult to transport you home.  The Surgery Center will NOT release you to a transportation service such as URTA or a taxicab.  You can anticipate being at the Surgery Center for approximately 3 hours.


Aspirin:  Stop taking aspirin 7 days before your procedure, unless directed otherwise.  Try to avoid aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, arthritis medications, or any similar medications for 1 week prior to your procedure.  Tylenol is permitted.

Coumadin/Plavix: Stop Coumadin/Plavix 3 days prior to your procedure unless otherwise directed.

Blood pressure medicine:  Continue blood pressure medications, including the day of your procedure.  You may take it with a small sip of water.

Diabetes medicine:  All oral medications (i.e. pills) should be taken on the day before the procedure, but do not take on the day of your procedure.

Insulin: You will be given special instructions regarding insulin by Dr. McBride.


Do NOT eat beans, collard greens, corn, dried fruit, kale, nuts, popcorn, raisins, seeds, or spinach.  You may eat canned fruit, or fruits without a peel.  Please avoid fiber supplements and iron preparations as well during this time.

Items Needed for Laxative Prep:

1 SuPrep Kit- the kit contains 2 bottles of liquid prep and a disposable cup for mixing.



This is the day you prepare for your procedure. Starting from when you wake up, drink only clear liquids all day. NO SOLID FOOD ALLOWED.

            Clear liquids that you may have include water, coffee, tea, carbonated beverages (i.e. Coke, Ginger Ale, 7-Up, etc.), Jell-O gelatin without food particles, ices and Popsicles, clear fruit juices, broth, bouillon, Gatorade, and Powerade as long as they are NOT RED in color.  You may also have milk and vanilla milkshakes, but only the day before, not the day of the procedure.  No yogurt is permitted. Place the two SuPrep bottles in the refrigerator to cool them for mixing.

At 6:00 PM the evening before your procedure, follow the below steps 1-4.


Pour ONE (1) 6-oz bottle of SuPrep liquid into the mixing container.



Add cool drinking water to the 16-oz fill line and mix.

STEP 3:       

Drink all the solution, slowly over 30 mins- DO NOT CHUG.

Step 4:

u  You MUST  drink TWO more 16-oz containers of water of the next hour.

It is very important that you provide us with the cleanest colon you can. Please drink the entire prep.

MORNING PROCEDURES: Please repeat Steps 1-4 with the second bottle of SuPrep solution at 10:00PM. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.  You may take time sensitive medications with a sip of water the morning of your procedure.



AFTERNOON PROCEDURES (Arrival time of 11AM or later): Please repeat Steps 1-4 with the second bottle of SuPrep solution FIVE HOURS prior to your procedure time, complete the prep and stop clear liquids within three hours of your procedure time. Please do not drink any milk products on the day of your procedure. You may take time sensitive medications with a sip of water the morning of your procedure. 


Tips to help with the prep

Everyone tolerates the bowel prep differently.  While some patients report the prep being "easy" and well-tolerated, the majority consider it unpleasant, and the most difficult part of a colonoscopy. 

 The following are suggested tips to help tolerate the preparation for a colonoscopy procedure:

 1. Refrigerate the liquid.  People feel it is better tolerated cold.

 2.  Use a straw, and place the straw in the back of the mouth.  Patients claim it lessens the taste.

 3.  Suck on a lemon just before and after sipping the Moviprep.  If you don't have lemons, you can try mouthwash.

 4.  If you get nauseated, take a break.  Drinking times suggested on the instruction sheet are only  guidelines.  It sometimes helps nausea to slow down a bit between doses.

 5.  If you are prone to nausea, ask for an anti-nausea prescription to take before starting the prep.

***Due to the necessity of staffing requirements for an outpatient procedure, if you have to cancel for any unforeseen circumstance, it is mandatory that you give at least 3 days notice prior to your scheduled procedure time.***

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